Where can you find hope in the middle of conflict?
Ask these kids
Using sport, music and play to give confidence and hope back to these children in Syria and other young people affected by conflict
Safe spaces to play

...in refugee camps, safe houses and schools: helping to rebuild young lives by war

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Born out of resistance to oppression in Brazil, the movement, energy and music of Capoeira captivate the attention of the refugees and young people we work with.

Creating positive role models

Capoeira helps build tolerance, opens minds and creates a community: a positive alternative to extremist ideas

What you can do

The current refugee crisis in Syria is affecting millions of children.
Help them to rebuild their confidence and find a space place to play.

Latest News

Al Tanf Refugee Camp
PRESS RELEASE The Psychosocial Impact of Capoeira among Conflict-Affected Youth

Capoeira4Refugees, in collaboration with the University of East London publishes pioneering research on The Psychosocial Impact of Capoeira among Conflict-Affected Youth

The Paper, showcasing...

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We’re back! From the 7th to 21st September 2015, Capoeira4Refugees is going on the road to bring the power of music, play and sport to refugee camps and host communities in Palestine (7-14th Sep)  and Jordan (14-21st Sep). ...

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Azraq Barbed Wire Three Kids
Story telling as a tool for conflict transformation

Storytelling can be an effective tool in conflict transformation. Stories are shared in many communities, can help facilitate peace and reconciliation, may aid development...

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